Trying Meditation

Dr. Peter Attia on meditation:

…there are just going to be some people who guide in a way that you’re willing to be guided, and you shouldn’t be put off if someone’s listening to this thinking, “You know, every time I try meditation it doesn’t work for me,” or something like that. I don’t want to name the apps I went through, but there were many apps that I went through that just didn’t resonate for me. Just the way they talked about this didn’t make sense to me. Then, when you find the ones that do, and there are several that do for me, including Sam [Harris]’s Waking Up [app]… it really resonates with me, and there are others that do so the same. Jeff Warren is also one of the guides on Dan Harris’s 10% Happier [app]… I just love the way he explains stuff. So, I would say to anybody who’s listening to this, who’s feeling sort of bearish on meditation, try a different app, try a different guide, try a different book, try another way. Keep going until you find someone who can walk you through how to do this in a way that resonates.

I can also vouch for both Sam Harris’s Waking Up as well as Jeff Warren’s style of teaching meditation on the 10% Happier app, which, despite the kitschy name, has a lot of really high quality stuff from some real master teachers.

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