2015 In Review

Just as it was in 2014, 2015 was a year where things happened. Here’s a list of some of those things!

  • I once again took part in the the Global Game Jam, writing music and sound for Mr. In The Moment.
  • I went to the Digipen Game Audio Symposium and it was rad! I met the dudes from Beards, Cats, and Indie Game Audio (who also talked about the event on their podcast), and they’re helping me put together an awesome event happening in Bellingham this January. See the FB event here.
  • Participated in Bacon Game Jam and WON with Submersive Intent. (Fun fact: We came up with our team name using a random syllable generator.)
  • I did music and sound for the demo for the game Caasi’s Odyssey!
  • I went to PAX again and met all sorts of cool folks!
  • My first Big Boy Job! I got hired on as Program Coordinator for the Music Department at WWU (which is sort of a generic title that means a lot of things; undergraduate advisor, curriculum dude, scheduling pro, interdepartmental liaison, and general go-to staff-person in the department).
  • Arranged a piece of music from Final Fantasy VII for a remix/cover/arrangement album. There may be more of this kind of stuff coming sooner than you think…!
  • I wrote a whoooole bunch of blogs here. I also started a newsletter and then stopped updating it! (I’ll probably send out another update before too terribly long…?)
  • I lost a bunch of weight! :D
  • I did NOT release the album I intended to… :(
  • I read a bunch of books! Probably more than I have in my life; 26 books, to be exact. I plan to read more next year.
  • I’m going to a 10-day meditation retreat in two days! I’ll probably write a blog about it when I get back.

I have a lot of fun plans for 2016 as well. They include…

  • Actually releasing that damn solo album.
  • The debut of my new band Tardigrade with Luke Kosbab, David Pangborn, and Silas Stewart!
  • Read MORE books (my goal is 40)!
  • Lose some more weight and get hella jacked (…okay not quite really).
  • Leave a $100 tip somewhere.
  • Other potential fun things to be revealed later…

I won’t belabor the point. Happy (belated) Hanukkah, Happy Solstice (EMBRACE THE DARKNESS), Happy Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Boxing Day, Happy New Year, and Happy Whatever Else Happens to be Happening Right Now. Cheers!

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