About June


Software Development for iOS, macOS, web, games, and more

Trained at Lambda School in a natively remote environment, I can help you achieve your code goals no matter where you are!


  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • C#
  • Python
  • Lua
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • JSON
  • Markdown
  • YAML

Frameworks & Programs

  • iOS SDK
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Xcode
  • Instruments
  • UIKit
  • SwiftUI
  • Core Data
  • GCD
  • Combine
  • URLSession
  • AVFoundation
  • Core Graphics
  • CocoaPods
  • Carthage
  • SPM
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Firebase
  • Bootstrap
  • Jekyll
  • Agile
  • Unity
  • Godot
  • LÖVE2D

Concepts & Patterns

  • Unit Testing
  • UI Testing
  • OOP
  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Memory Management
  • Multithreading
  • Coordinator pattern
  • Functional programming
  • Reactive programming (FRP)
  • Design Patterns
    • MVC
    • MVVM
    • ad hoc architectures

…and more!

(Note: I am not currently available for music or sound work (except in rare circumstances on a case-by-case basis).)

About June

With over a decade of programming experience, I specialize in crafting bespoke UI & architecture for iOS and macOS apps in a remote work environment. I have programmed apps, games, and websites using Swift/Objective-C, HTML/CSS (+ Bootstrap, Jekyll, & Markdown), Unity & C#, Godot, Lua, Python, LOVE2D, and Max/MSP. In 2019, after many years of programming as a hobbyist, I began formally training remotely with Lambda School in software development (iOS emphasis). I soon developed a reputation for being a sharp, detailed programmer and a voracious learner, able to adapt swiftly (no pun intended) to new technologies, architectures, and environments. After internships as a Lambda School team lead and later an iOS developer with non-profit Eco-Soap Bank, I am currently working as an iOS developer at Redzone Software, where I’ve been since January 2021.

I also worked as a musician for nearly two decades, composing, arranging, and performing an eclectic variety of polystylistic music. I studied music composition at Western Washington University under Roger Briggs, Bruce Hamilton, and Lesley Sommer, graduating magna cum laude in March 2013 with a Bachelor of Music and in June 2015 with a Master of Music. I have written music for games, short & feature-length films, dance, and performers & ensembles such as the WWU Wind Symphony, Equus Sax Quartet, Bellingham Chamber Music Society, Whatcom Wind Ensemble, Jostaberry, and more. My music has been featured in films played at festivals across the US, most prominently in the cult horror films Hunting Grounds (Valley of the Sasquatch outside the US) and The Last Laugh.

I currently live with my partner and two cats (Hazel and Vincent) in Bellingham, WA.


a short overview of how I'm currently spending my time

[updated Tuesday, April 18, 2023]

Well look at that, it’s been almost two years since I updated this thing!

Still have my day job and various side-projects that have barely moved, and honestly, don’t count on any of them moving! It’s just not where my priorities are.

After almost two years of barely meditating, I’m finally getting back into that. It’s been refreshing!

A little over a year ago my cat Cougar died. It was really hard. Shortly thereafter I got two other cats, Vincent and Hazel. They’re a handful!

A lot more has obviously happened over the past two years, but I don’t really feel the need to share any of it here. If you’re really curious, you can find me on social media or email me or something.


Without the following people, my life would certainly not be where it is today.

  • My partner Tori, who brings immense joy and love to my life every day
  • My best friend, Elie, who was supported me through absolutely everything, has believed in me when even I haven’t, has inspired me… I can’t possibly say enough about how wonderful her presence has been in my life
  • My parents, who raised me to be kind, work hard, reach high, do good, and love
  • Sarah & Carl, who put up with my (perhaps inevitable) brattiness as a child and today welcome me into their lives at every opportunity
  • Ann, Tim, & Abel, who have been a second family to me in every single way
  • My music teachers over the years; Vern Fosket, Christopher Bianco, Roger Briggs, Bruce Hamilton, Lesley Sommer, and so many more, who inspired me to live a life of creativity
  • The iOS and other programming instructors at Lambda School, such as Spencer Curtis, Paul Solt, Dimitri Bouniol, and Beej Hall, from whom I learned and who helped me make the huge career change from music to software development; and particularly Ben Gohlke, who believed in me enough to hire me on my first job out of school and taught so many valuable lessons
  • Tucker Peck and Upasaka Upali, whose instruction have helped me profoundly change my life for the better
  • The many other lovely meditation teachers with whom I’ve sat and studied
  • Simon Grant, who’s been a wonderful friend as I learned to navigate late college and adulthood
  • The Tuggyloop gang, who has provided friendship, entertainment, and inspiration for years
  • My dear Friends of Satan, who have showed me what infallible strength, friendship, and support looks like, and believed in me and in each other
  • My friends in iOS11 and iOS15, who in each of their own ways inspired me and brought joy to my life while learning software development; I’ll never forget them
  • eSangha, who since welcoming me in have been a beautiful anchor in times good and bad
  • More folks than I can possibly remember in the game development and game audio communities, especially in Seattle and Vancouver; I’ll name all of the folks I can think of in a reasonable amount of time: Matthew M, Gordon M, Ryan I, Akash T, Em H, Maris T, Damian K, Carlye N, Andrew N, Megan C, Josie B, Shannon M, Adrien T, Luca, Tammy D, Ryro, Rachel S… and many, many, many more that I can’t recall
  • Any and every other person who has been kind to me, done something helpful for me (and/or not for me), or believed in me… thank you sincerely.