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Saturday, April 4, 2020

I don’t think I’ve ever lived a month where things have changed so drastically so quickly.

My activities really haven’t changed that much. I never went out much; I just go out even less now.

I’m still serving as a TL for Lambda School’s iOS program. This will last until the end of May, at which point I’ll move onto Labs, an 8-week cross-platform team project where we build a functioning app from scratch. After that will be the 6-week Computer Science portion of the curriculum, and then “Lambda X,” which is essentially portfolio polish and job search.

I’ve recently started playing with Godot game engine. I want to actually finish a game with it. So far I can make the player character move and rotate with the camera. I also made a couple of neat little sprites!

Godot game example

I’ve been playing some games with friends when I can; Bloodborne, Minecraft… hoping to buy a Jackbox game and play that sometime with more friends. Also been doing some random streaming on Twitch, playing games, programming… maybe meditating?

Still playing music for fun. Started playing guitar more often lately, sometimes with Elie on clarinet.

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