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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Compared to March, April seemed to whizz by. As I said to my wife, March felt like 8 years, while April just felt like a month.

Not much has changed since last month; I’m still an iOS Team Lead for Lambda School for 4 more weeks as of this writing, after which I’ll move onto Labs. I’m excited to become peers of the students I’ve been leading the past 3 months.

I’m still working on a game using the Godot game engine with my pal Simon. We have a game design doc and a title and everything. Our first goal is to make a proof-of-concept/vertical-slice/demo of sorts, which we’ll probably release and say more about when it’s done. We might go on after that. We’ll see.

I’ve also been slowly working on a task management app using MVVM architecture, the coordinator pattern, and Swift’s Combine framework. I had planned on finishing a working MVP relatively quickly, but its main benefit has ended up being educational much more than practical. I’ve since decided to abandon the original code, which has turned into near-unusable spaghetti. I haven’t decided yet how to proceed; I may focus on the Godot game, or I may make a simpler habit-tracking app (another app category that’s a dime-a-dozen… but nothing quite fits my needs!).

I’ve been meditating a lot more the past month, which has made life a lot better. I got into a weird place with meditation for awhile, where I didn’t have as much time for it, I wasn’t enjoying it that much, so I wasn’t doing it as much, so I wasn’t getting as much benefit out of it, so I wasn’t making as much time for it… and down that spiral went. Lately I’ve been checking in more with a teacher, I’ve attended a couple of online weekend retreats, been keeping in touch with meditator friends, and reading more Dharma literature, all of which has gotten me a lot more jazzed about practicing and led to seeing more of those “off the cushion” benefits again.

I played through the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. My feelings were a bit mixed, but overall I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next entry.

I convinced Elie to start playing Minecraft with me. She has been enjoying exploring and farming.

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