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Friday, September 25, 2020

I just wrapped up my last day of Lambda School and am going to be celebrating with deep dish pizza and gelato ordered out from a couple of my favorite local places. These two places used to be my wife and my usual date night destinations, along with the bookstore, and sadly it will probably be quite some time until we can comfortably go out to eat. But this will definitely do for now. I’m happy to be finished, and excited to really dig into the job search on Monday.

I just started playing Outer Wilds and am loving it. Being stuck in a time loop in a tiny universe trying to study history to prevent the world from ending just seems like such an apt theme for the time we live in.

Also, Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes both released new albums. Haven’t listened to the latter yet, but the new Sufjan is incredible. I wasn’t a huge fan of his last album, but this new one seems to be somewhat of a return to his more electronic side, which I’m pretty stoked about. I still I play music myself occasionally, too.

Side projects went on hold for awhile so I could focus on finishing school, but they’ll be my main focus until I get a job now (along with applying to jobs). I’d love to put out a demo at least of a game before the end of the year, but that might be overly ambitious.

I have a 10-day online meditation retreat coming up in just over a month. It was going to be in-person, but, you know.

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