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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Finally updating this website to reflect my new name!

So as I mentioned on a Twitter thread recently, I’m transgender. Figuring this out has been a strange journey, and it still hasn’t fully settled in. I feel like I decided to “come out” with this earlier than many folks in this situation do, but I was really aching to get it over with. I’m glad I did. I’ve gotten a ton of support, and I’m very grateful for all of the loving friends that I have.

I’ve now been at Redzone Software for about a month, and I’ve been loving it. It’s been challenging (in a good way), I like my coworkers a lot, and I feel like I’m doing great work. The tech norm of jumping from company to company every year or two never appealed to me, and it seems like many folks on the team are of the same mindset. I hope I can stick around for quite awhile!

Side projects continue to move slowly but surely. I’m not sure I should even continue to bring them up until there’s something to show.

I’ve been watching tons and tons of [PointFree][http://pointfree.co] videos. I believe I’ve now watched every video they have at least twice, some more than that. I’ve also been playing a lot with their Composable Architecture, and I have to say I really love working with it. It’s very strange conceptually coming from the standard MVC way of building iOS apps, but… well, you can check out the repo and their videos to hear all about its benefits.

Last night Elie and I watched Return to Oz. What a weird movie.

I recently replayed Undertale and Deltarune. I really love those games. Although the former’s combat system can be really enraging at times. Deltarune really improves on it a ton.

I’ve also been playing way too much isowords and Mini Motorways.

I want to play through another game, but I’m not sure what…

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